Laura Fenton Kovanda has an extensive teaching background which included biomechanics, kinesiology, exercise physiology, biophysics, sports psychology, neuroplasticity, nutrition and athletic training, not to mention teaching students "how" to teach basketball, softball, baseball, volleyball, football, tennis, racquetball and pickleball.  When one learns to see mechanically what is creating the problem in a student’s swing, footwork, shot, serve, overhead, etc…, then they have the ability to correct it.  Anyone can see what a player did wrong, but do they know how to correct it and why?  This is one area Laura is quite well known for – fixing bad habits that have been created due to incorrect body mechanics/motor skills.


Laura firmly believes that people learn the most effectively when they are in a small group, as well as within their own skill level.   She states, “One learns the most when there are either 3 or 4 -and a pro in a small group lesson for a 90-minute period.”  Groups of 8 or less works well too!  This allows for more personal attention, rather than a large group of people, as we want students to get their money’s worth.

Laura also believes that individuals can have private sessions to work areas such as:

  • footwork

  • paddle control

  • serve and service return

  • proper blocking techniques

  • learning how to drop balls back into the kitchen or just get them back into play – and when the right time to do both.

  • proper warm up, cool down, fitness tips, prevention & treatment if injuries in pickleball

When we combine the knowledge (cognitive learning) with the proper motor skills (physical learning) and throw in some mental imagery, the court really then becomes X’s and O’s – it’s then just a matter of executing what one has learned.

Upcoming Clinics

Location: Evergreen, COLORADO (Marshdale)

  • Overheads: Mechanics, Footwork, Target

  • Serve: Placement, Spins, Heights & Speeds

  • Return of Serve: Footwork, Purpose, Court Coverage

  • Drop Shots, Re-Sets, & Digs: Flight, Footwork, Squaring Up, Paddle Angle, Spin, Decision Making

  • Proper Warmup, Cool-down, Fitness Tips, Prevention & Treatment of Injuries in Pickleball


  • Footwork:  Groundstrokes, Drop Shots, Overheads, Kitchen

  • Court Coverage:  Backcourt, Transition, Kitchen, Lobs

  • Volleys: At feet, Above net, Topspin, Slice

  • Paddle Position: Location of ball & Opponent

  • Lobs: Mechanics, Direction, Timing

Two-Day Clinic - 3.5+ Skill Level
Monday and Tuesday, August 19 & 20, 2019

  • 12:00 – 6:30pm — Skill level: 3.5+

  • 5 hours daily (1.5 hr break for lunch)

  • $295 per person

Two-Day Clinic - 3.0 Skill Level
Monday and Tuesday, August 12 & 13, 2019

  • 8:00am – 2:00pm — Skill level: 3.0

  • 5 hours daily (1 hr break for lunch)

  • $295 per person

*Private & Semi-private Lessons also available Mon (12th) / Tues (13th) beginning at 3:30pm and Tues (20th) in the morning with Laura Fenton Kovanda (702-468-6337) & Joey Farias (361-774-3318).


  • Private: $85.00 per hr

  • 2 Players: $65.00 per hr

  • 3 Players: $55.00 per hr

  • 4+ Players: $45.00 each per hr


Request an LFK Clinic or Event:

To request a clinic, lesson or special event with Laura, that is not mentioned above, please reach out to her by clicking the request button below.


Clinic Topics

targeted by Skill level

Schedule Laura to provide a clinic at your club or pickleball group.  Clinics are offered at the Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced levels for all age groups.  Laura is a master at breaking down skills into teachable components, then building them back into techniques that you can put into action immediately.


  • Proper Footwork

    • Strokes, Drop Shots, Overheads, and the Kitchen Line

  • Court Coverage

    • Back court, Mid Court, Kitchen Line

  • Reading the Court and your Opponents

    • Determining next shot

  • 3rd Shot Drops and Drives

    • When, why and where to aim the 3rd shot

  • Hitting Swinging Volleys

    • Hitting flat or with top-spin

  • Returning Balls Hit at Feet and Body

    • Learning when to just get it back over versus doing something with it

  • Serves and Service Returns

    • Returns - the most important factors in setting up a point

  • Squeezing the Middle

    • When and How

  • 3 Types of Dinks

    • How and when to use them

  • Various types of Blocking

    • How blocking changes depending on the situation

  • Hard vs Soft

    • When to drive the ball and when to go soft

  • Hitting Lobs and How to Cover the Lob

  • How to properly hit an Overhead

  • Learning to use Angles instead of Power

Private Lessons

1-7 players per lesson

Are you ready to take your pickleball game to the next level?  Work one-on-one or in small groups with Laura as she analyzes your game and focuses on key areas to improve.  You will gain deeper insight into how to move on the court to be more efficient and effective with your shots.

  • Private Lesson

    • 1 person per hour

    • 10% discount for 4 lessons

  • Semi-private Lesson

    • 2 people per hour

  • 3-and-a-Pro

    • 3 people - 90 minutes

  • Group

    • 4-6 players - 90 minutes

  • 2-day Group Lesson

    • 7-and-a-Pro

    • Same skill levels

    • 2.5 hours per day

  • 3-day Group Lesson

    • 7-and-a-Pro

    • Same skill levels

    • 2.5 hours per day

  • Video Analysis

    • Taping of play and followup analysis

    • 1 hour

  • Personal Coaching, Physical Training, and/or Mental Training

    • 1 hour


Clinic Options

Up to 8 players per session

  • 90 minute session

  • 2 hour session

  • 2.5 hour session

  • 3 hour session

  • One day session

    • 4 hours, includes play time with pro

  • Two day clinic

    • 4 hours – 2 hours each day

  • Two day clinic

    • 6 hours – 3 hours each day

    • Includes play time with pro

  • Two day clinic

    • 8 hours – 4 hours each day

    • Includes play time with pro

  • Three day clinic

    • 2 – 4 hours per day

Create Your Own

Clinics - Camps - Lessons

Laura's dynamic teaching style and outgoing personality will help you create a customized program.  Contact us to discuss what you have in mind.

Special Events

inquire more more information

Would you like to book Laura for a Grand Opening, as a Special Guest or Keynote Speaker at your event?  Let us know more about your event today!


Clinic Reviews

I have taken many clinics, several by various pros, and I have to say Laura’s clinic went above and beyond my expectations. When I initially read the list of Laura’s credentials, I thought “wow, this should be awesome.” The clinic went above awesome. Laura has a unique teaching style and everyone of us walked away wanting more. The clinic was informative, challenging, encouraging & fun. Laura definitely lives up to her credentials. You will walk away with an improvement in your pickleball game after only four hours with Laura.
— Sue R.
A big than you for the two day session! I participated in many sessions before and this is the first time the drills were different. I learned where to place myself on the court depending on the play. I also learned how to move on the court depending on the plays. This will definitely help me to progress forward. Your explanations were clear and the questions were answered clearly as well. Since then, I have been practicing what I learned with other participants and other players and I will continue to do so.
Thank you very much!
— Lise T.
My husband and I attended a two-day clinic for 3.5 and 4.0 pickleball players instructed by Laura Fenton Kovanda. Ms. Kovanda has exceptional credentials, experience, and knowledge to impart on her students. She easily imparts her knowledge in sports from her experience in Biomechanics, Kinesiology, Exercise Physiology, and Sport Psychology to the student. As an example, she spoke about the importance of playing the angles and body positioning. She also talked about tightness in certain muscles, how it relates to the rest of your body and stretching exercises to help alleviate the muscle tightness. Her easygoing style of teaching makes the student feel they are getting the best from her. Her passionate attitude and enthusiasm about the sport of pickleball is very evident while she demonstrates each drill and speaks to each student. She wants you to be a better player. I would recommend to anyone who wants to be a better pickleball player whether it is a recreational player to a tournament player to attend Ms. Kovanda’s clinic.
Thanks for a great experience!
— Stephanie D.
I was very fortunate to be able to attend a 2 day Seminar with Laura Fenton Kovanda last week! What an absolutely fabulous experience! Having been at this sport 3 years with training from many professionals, I have to say that Laura’s training was the best I have ever had. In just 4 hours, I know that my game has improved a bit, but most importantly I know what to work on to make it better! Laura’s got the perfect personality for teaching and has the best professional pickleball skills to boot, with credentials to back it up! Laura’s seminar was fun, very challenging and she made everyone feel comfortable! I feel very lucky that Laura resides in Arizona and close enough for me to continue training with her.
— Maureen W.