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Laura Fenton Kovanda

Laura Fenton Kovanda is a 4-time U.S. Open Gold Medalist and 2-time Pro Finalist in the sport of Pickleball. She has also won numerous Gold, Silver and Bronze medals at both the USAPA National Championships and the Tournament of Champions, as well as won over 45 5.0-level tournaments.

What many don’t know about Laura is that she is also a National Champion in four other sports (basketball, softball, tennis & racquetball) and was a member of the U.S. National Racquetball Team for 15 years in her 30’s and 40’s. She holds 5 World titles, 33 National titles, 2 World Pro-Mixed Titles, 2 Pan American Games Gold Medals, and was ranked in the Top 4 on the Women’s Professional Racquetball Tour for 11 years. She held the #1 ranking at the age of 44 for 3 months.

But what makes Laura a great Pickleball Instructor? Her background as a college professor over the past 30 years in kinesiology, exercise science, sports psychology, neuroscience and athletic training, combined with her own athletic background, gained her recognition in teaching and training high school, college, professional and Olympic athletes in over eight different sports. She has also been a motivational speaker and sports broadcaster, and now we are very fortunate in that she brings a very different “geometrical, biomechanical and kinesiological view” to the game of Pickleball.