About Laura and World Team Pickleball

Laura Fenton Kovanda - president and CEO of World Team Pickleball

Laura is an all-around athlete and holds National titles in basketball, softball, tennis, and racquetball, and exploded on to the pickleball scene.  Over the past 35 years, she has taught college courses in biomechanics, kinesiology, exercise physiology, biophysics, sport psychology, neuroplasticity, nutrition, and athletic training.  Being a professional athlete for 15 years with the U.S. Olympic Racquetball Team and managing her own sports academy, Laura brings a vast amount of knowledge and experience in the sports world.  Laura's passion for the sport, league play, and tournaments helped her realize that pickleball was ready for something new.  Dedicated to the amazing sport of pickleball and its clubs and communities, Laura established World Team Pickleball (WTP) in Columbus, Ohio, in 2015 to offer players of all ages and skill levels inexpensive, competitive, fun and social team events.  

Pickleball has been around for more than 50 years, but it has only become an official sport in the past 12 years.  Now with a governing body—the USAPA (United States of America Pickleball Association)—rules, sponsors, major product manufacturers, tournaments and prize money have become integral to the sport.   Our mission is to attract recreational and amateur pickleball players throughout the United States, as well as other countries, to play pickleball competitively with and against others in organized team tournaments and leagues. 

World Team Pickleball offers an avenue for:  

  • teams to play numerous matches

  • scheduled match times and courts, playing when you are scheduled

  • creating strategies and comradery within your teams

It’s definitely more fun to play pickleball with your friends when you are part of a team!



  • 5-time World Gold Medalist

  • 3-time Olympics Qualifier

  • 2-time Pan Am Gold Medalist

  • 32 National Titles


Other Sports:

National Champion in Basketball, Softball and Tennis.



  • 2016 US Open Championships - 1st Women's Pro Doubles Finalist!

    • Gold - Women's Doubles 40+

    • Gold - Mixed Senior Pro Doubles 50+

    • Silver - Women's Pro Doubles

  • 2016 Tournament of Champions - Bronze - Open Women's Singles Legends

  • 2016 USAPA Nationals - Bronze - Mixed Senior Open Doubles

  • 2017 PPF Desert Championships - Silver - Senior Women's Pro Doubles

  • 2017 US Open - Gold - Women's Doubles 45+

  • 2017 World Team Pickleball Championships - 1st Place - 5.0 Mixed Team


World Team Pickleball Format

World Team Pickleball brings a whole new aspect to the game with its unique concept of scheduled team play.  Players love our format because they know well in advance the time and locations of their matches.  All matches are pre-scheduled with the Team Captains creating their lineups prior to each match ensure teams and players know exactly when and where they will play and keeping the tournament running on time.  Matches are also scheduled back-to-back-to back so your division is done in a 3-4 hour period.  In our tournaments, Round Robins or Pool Play (possible then to straight draw) will be used, and teams are guaranteed several matches throughout the 3-day tournament.

Led by a Team Captain, 6 players compete on 3 courts of doubles against other teams in their same age and skill division in full matches (best of 3 games).  The team winning at least 2 of 3 courts wins the overall match.  In Mixed events, teams are comprised of 3 men and 3 women to form a Mixed Doubles team.  For league play, in Men’s or Women’s events, all 6 players are the same gender.  Teams may carry as many as 8 players on their roster to rotate players as needed.  Players may also register as individuals, as there are always players who need teams and teams who need players.  

The WTP format is offered for leagues, shootouts and tournaments.  Our most popular tournaments known as the Sectionals and The World Team Pickleball Championship.  If you would like to start a WTP league or host a tournament in your state or country, please visit the league and tournament pages for more information.


Meet the World Team Pickleball Staff


Kimberly Waddell - Director of Operations

Kim has an extensive athletic background both on and off the courts and has played multiple sports at the collegiate level and beyond. She has Masters degrees in Education, with an emphasis in Sport Leadership and in Kinesiology.  Kim has also taught college courses in kinesiology, sport medicine, fitness & wellness, nutrition, biology, and health science.   She has coached basketball, tennis, and swim.

Kim works hard behind the scenes overseeing the World Team Pickleball operations, making sure that everything is running smoothly.  Her passion for people and pickleball, combined with her technical and analytical skills, ensures that WTP will continue to grow around the world. 

You may find Kim running your tournament desk, working with the Tournament Hosts, updating our website, sending and responding to emails, posting on our Instagram and Facebook pages, and making sure you are having a good time at any WTP event. 


Steve Waddell - Merchandising

Steve is passionate about grassroots pickleball!  He loves when people come together to be social, have fun and enjoy some friendly competition.  He is working on becoming a Certified Referee and an USAPA Ambassador.

Steve also oversees our merchandising department.  He works with our vendors to make sure we have our awards, player gifts, and general merchandise.  Keep checking back at and see what items we will have available in our online store (coming soon).



Area Coordinators

Area Coordinators are also an important part of our World Team Pickleball staff.  We have coordinators located throughout the world who assist with everything from running WTP Leagues, to helping us coordinate the Sectional and Championship Tournaments.  If you are interested in becoming an Area Coordinator, please contact us for more information.

United States


  • Sue Rocha Email: rochask@gmail.com

  • Tuscon

    • Joey Farias Email: jfariastennis@gmail.com


  • Oakland

    • Thomas McGee Email: tmcgee@blackhawkcc.org

  • Riverside & San Bernardino Counties

    • Steve Waddell Email: SteveWWaddell@gmail.com

  • San Diego & Orange Counties

    • Bob Patten Email: 2bobpatten@gmail.com


  • Northern Colorado

    • Orlie Carpio Email: orlie.carpio@gmail.com

  • Denver

    • Ken Marquardt Email: Kenmart@q.com


  • Atlanta

    • Chad Cromwell Email: ccromwell@atlpba.org

  • Griffin

    • Peter Phelps Email: pmp12309@aol.com


  • Oahu/Honolulu

    • Donna Ching Email: pickleballpalms@gmail.com


  • Chicago

    • TBD


  • South Bend

    • Nick Falletta Email: nick.falletta@weathervane.com

    • Denise Van De Walle Email: denisev@bgsu.edu


  • Boston

    • Yan Burdett Email: smileyyanyan@gmail.com


  • Carson/Reno/Tahoe/Fallon

    • Carol Amos Email: carolanneamos@gmail.com

  • Las Vegas

    • Larry Holmes Email: ljholmes1@gmail.com

New Mexico

  • Eileen Freydberg Email: leenf68@gmail.com

  • Jackie Holmes Ebner Email: jholmesebner

New York

  • Rochester

    • Kathie Smith-Hetterich Email: ksmithth@rochester.rr.com

North Carolina

  • Eastern North Carolina

    • Gary Odle Email: pbgary1@gmail.com

  • Western North Carolina

    • Perry Wong Email: oringepear@yahoo.com


  • Philadelphia

    • DeWitt Shipley Email: dewitt.shipley@gmail.com


  • Tacoma

    • John Lemma Email: lemmausa@comcast.net


  • Sheridan

    • Tom "Arlie" Johnson Email: arliet.johnson@yahoo.com



  • Perry Young Email: pyoung@tecera.com