World Team Pickleball
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Welcome to World Team Pickleball

the pinnacle of team pickleball


Play World Team Pickleball Leagues year-round!  Leagues are forming all over the country and can be held indoors or outdoors.  Winners of team leagues advance to the Sectional tournaments.  Discover how to start a league in your area.


We offer our format in One-Day Shootouts and Sectional Tournaments that are scheduled in various locations around the world throughout the year.  INDIVIDUALS may also register to play and we will find or create a team for you!  Winners of each Sectional Tournament receives early registration to the World Team Pickleball Championships!


Want to learn from one of the world's top-rated clinicians?  Laura Fenton Kovanda's experience as an elite professional athlete and  educator gives her clinics an edge unlike any other. 

 World Team Pickleball is supported in part by the following companies.

 We are proud to announce that the Onix Fuse is the official ball of the 2018 World Team Pickleball Sectional Tournaments

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We are proud to partner with sponsors and companies from all over the world.   If you are interested in becoming a World Team Pickleball partner, please reach out to us and let's grow!